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The Public Space Management Plan (PSMP) will set out how we can manage public open spaces (parks, greenspace, roads, plazas, squares) under City of Edinburgh Council control, for events, filming and festivals. We're engaging with you to help develop and refine a draft plan.

The new PSMP will combine public spaces and parks into one document and will set out a strategy for how each of the city’s public spaces can be used. 

Additional Stakeholder Organisation Engagement

This conversation is for additional stakeholder organisation engagement. It provides an area for stakeholder organisations to engage, when the discussion does not fit within the 4 existing conversations; PSMP Key Principles and Guidelines, Area Conditions, Application process for Organisers, Community Engagement.


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There's a lot here. It's complex and we're all likely to have to make some compromises. None of us will probably get everything we want but hopefully we'll understand why and agree the outcome is fair and right for Edinburgh as a whole.

All ideas and suggestions are good ideas. They may even spark something transformational. We welcome positive input with a focus on what will work and what’s good.

If you don’t like something (and we won’t all agree!), try to come up with something better, that you feel may be accepted, possibly as a compromise, by the wider group.

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Please give your input by 20th January 2021 to allow time for it to be included in the Draft PSMP.

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