The Public Space Management Plan (PSMP) will set out how we can manage public open spaces (parks, greenspace, roads, plazas, squares under City of Edinburgh Council control) for events, filming and festivals. We're engaging with you to help develop and refine a draft plan.

The new PSMP will combine public spaces and parks into one document and will set out a strategy for how each of the city’s public spaces can be used.

Planning and licensing public events

A range of Council services are involved in planning, organising and licensing activities which take place in public open spaces.

Many different organisers, some with experience of Edinburgh, some without, apply to put on a large range of events, filming and festival activities, covering many different locations across Edinburgh.

The application process for organisers needs to be clear, efficient, open and transparent.

The application process for services and stakeholders also needs to be clear, efficient, open and transparent.

What is being proposed?

Organisers will submit their proposal for events, filming or festivals, taking place on any public open area owned or managed by the council, on a web-based platform.

The web platform will contain or link to all the information organisers require to propose and plan their activity, taking place at a suitable location and at a suitable time.

From this web-based platform, organisers will be able to see, prior to proposing their event, filming or festival, conditions for use of an area (Area Conditions), the areas availability, the likely permits and permissions required, and the timescales and costs for all elements of the application and approval process.

Organisers will be required to detail on their proposal how their activity supports the guidelines agreed following the 2016 consultation:

  1. How their use of space balances the needs of different users
  2. How their use of a space supports and reinforces the special ‘place’ quality of its surrounds
  3. Each space must have periods of ‘rest’ when it is free from temporary events or activities
  4. How their use of a space reflects Edinburgh’s unique city offering
  5. How their use of public space encourages all people to access the city, throughout the year
  6. How their activities or events in public spaces will be well managed, and adhere to standard terms and conditions.

If the organisers proposal meets with the PSMP key principles, the selected area conditions and the area is available, it can be submitted to the Events and Filming Team.

The Events and Filming Team will assess the proposal. If it’s a major event or filming they will refer it to the Festival and Events All Party Oversight Group for consideration.

Otherwise they will check that it complies with key principles  and area conditions and advise the organiser that it has been accepted as a proposal, and of the next steps required.

When a proposal is accepted by the Events and Filming Office, key information will be made available for the general public on the web platform, that also holds information on all approved events, filming and festivals.

We want to hear what you have to say about the application process. 


How to take part

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There's a lot here. It's complex and we're all likely to have to make some compromises. None of us will probably get everything we want but hopefully we'll understand why and agree the outcome is fair and right for Edinburgh as a whole.

All ideas and suggestions are good ideas. They may even spark something transformational. We welcome positive input with a focus on what will work and what’s good.

If you don’t like something (and we won’t all agree!), try to come up with something better, that you feel may be accepted, possibly as a compromise, by the wider group.

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Please give your input by 20th January 2021 to allow time for it to be included in the Draft PSMP.

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