About the dialogue

The City of Edinburgh Council, along with Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, is supporting Edinburgh Talks Climate to facilitate conversation around the climate emergency.  We hope this platform will facilitate the sharing of ideas which will inspire and motivate others to take action.  We will be using views and ideas generated to inform decision makers on what local action could make a difference in tackling the climate emergency, particularly during the coronavirus recovery phase.


Last year, a landmark report by the United Nations warned that, unless urgent action is taken, the opportunity to avoid the worst effects of climate change will be missed.

The Climate Change Plan Scotland 2018 set out the continuing actions of Scottish Government to ensure Scotland meets the climate challenge. Following on from this, Scotland became the first country to declare a climate emergency in early 2019 and the Climate Change Bill 2019 set a challenging national target for Scotland to be Carbon Neutral by 2045.

The City of Edinburgh Council recognises the vital role of local government in addressing climate change and in May formally declared a climate emergency and committed to becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

The current coronavirus crisis has added additional challenges for the city, but also, opportunities to plot a route for recovery that will take the city forwards rather than backwords.

Why your views are important

Meeting the challenges of the climate emergency will require the widespread support of national and local government, other public and voluntary organisations, the private sector and all of Edinburgh’s residents. While the climate emergency represents a fundamental risk to the planet that we have a responsibility to address, climate action also presents a huge opportunity to improve our quality of life and shape a city that is healthier, more sustainable, and fairer for everyone.

The Council, and partners, are embarking on a city-wide programme of activity, which has included the launch of a city Climate Commission, to support and encourage public, private and third sector partners to take action.

As that work continues, we would like to improve understanding of the climate emergency and encourage everyone to take independent action, especially in the context of the coronavirus crisis.  We want to understand the level of support for actions that can be taken to tackle climate change by key partners and individuals. We also want to understand what barriers prevent organisations and individual citizens making changes that would benefit our environment. 

We are inviting you to provide your views on the climate emergency and to help us begin a conversation about how we take action locally to safeguard the planet for future generations.  You can get involved in the conversation here by providing your own ideas, commenting on and/or rating other’s ideas.

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