To a greater or lesser degree, we all know how we *should* behave if we are to help tackle climate change.

Drive less. Buy local food from local shops. In fact, just buy less altogether. And what we do buy, make sure it’s sustainably and locally sourced and not wrapped in plastic. Cycle and walk more. Don’t fly. Put on a jumper, not the heating. And so on…

Except then reality gets in the way. It’s easier and less expensive to buy cheap food from the big supermarket. It’s less effort to take the car, and anyway it’s raining. And it’s not my fault if plastic is the default packaging on everything is it?

It’s not easy making changes. It’s even harder making changes, when it seems like the odds are stacked against you.

We want to know what could be done to help encourage people to change their behaviours.

Join the discussion and learn from others about ways in which choosing the sustainable, environmentally friendly option can become the norm not the exception.


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