Education should focus on behaviours rather than science

Findings from our public engagement on climate issues to date have found that complexity is a major problem that prevents effective action.

Individuals do not understand relative impacts of their decisions in relation to carbon (or any other metric) and cannot carbon budget.

Education on sustainable behaviour is still necessary, but should be on behaviours rather than the science or measurement of emissions

Why the contribution is important

As a result of complexity, many would prefer government to step in and mandate solutions rather than relying on individual action. But this also confirms opportunities exist to package actions such as carbon-offsetting, and perhaps more complex issues, into already existing decisionmaking processes like energy tariff switching.


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by Charlotte_CEC on January 11, 2021 at 02:01PM

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  • Posted by Mmunro49 January 12, 2021 at 12:48

    On a website called Carbon Conversations there are a series of 6 videos from a behavioural psychologist. The first one talks about disavowal and climate Change. The lady explains that a friend was very knowledgeable about climate change and they were engaged in a conversation about this when the phone rings and this lady begins to talk animatedly to her friend about booking flights abroad. It appears people can hold huge knowledge of climate Change but at the same time distance themselves from their everyday actions. This is called disavowal. Everywhere around us we are encouraged to disavow our actions by eg the government agreeing the need for climate change while at the same time approving a new runway at Heathrow, car manufacturers crowing about their new electric car range while swamping the streets with cars.

    I believe people are perfectly capable of understanding climate change and disavowing their actions. Their is a need to work through our Climate distress and change our behaviours by first accepting change and then advocating it.

    The government/ authorities need to lead by example and follow through on all climate related policies.

    Human beings in general need to understand their own behavioural psychology, to help forgive actions of the past and instil new behaviours which can support the planet and every community. Coronavirus is an awful thing, but it’s playing it’s part in helping us come together and learn together to overcome the consequences of human greed.
  • Posted by MJMcD0ugall January 14, 2021 at 13:04

    Yes we need to change behavious, and one of the great motivators is everyone is doing this. However we must keep repeating this is based on scientific evidence, as it happening with pandemic advice.
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