Link benefits of change to understandable goals

Findings from our engagement and research to date on behaviour change and climate change show that:

• Edinburgh residents are overall, but not universally, well-informed of responsible personal behaviours and actions. Communication and engagement still needs to educate as well as persuade.

• Packaging sustainable actions at points where people are already making active choices, rather than following their normal routine make it easier for people to change their habits. Examples of this in the market already include offering green energy tariffs during provider switching and carbon offsetting offered when purchasing travel tickets.

• Wherever possible, communication should focus on personally observable factors and things with direct impact on the individual – such as cost to them or impact on their health and wellbeing. Carbon impacts are not comprehensible and do not inform decisions

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Do you agree with what we have found from our public engagement so far? Is there something missing from our findings? Share and comment below

by Charlotte_CEC on January 11, 2021 at 01:56PM

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  • Posted by Mmunro49 January 12, 2021 at 13:41

    Agree with your first point.

    Agee with packaging sustainable actions at point of service but here we need to become more creative, user friendly and wider thinking. One example where wider thinking by those in power is people being allowed access to creating their own sustainable energy.

    Sustainable energy providers are already being considered more and more as people deliver WANT to make this change. But what about the cumulative effect of everyone having access to solar panels
     (cost offset by green providers giving back profits)

     All new homes should have solar panels as standard. The government/ authority could use extra power generated from home solar when required just as these energy providers are beginning to do. Social energy allows people to share power between each other when they have excess production.

    All schools could have solar panels to offset/ pay for all fuel consumption. These changes go further than your ideas and are working already in different parts of the world.

     Social energy systems, which are a godsend to parts of the world like Bangladesh and Aboriginal communities could become a way of bringing our energy bills down to zero if authorities changed the laws governing big business control over energy access. What is right for the community is right for the planet:)

    Your third point I do not understand and perhaps you could make clearer?
  • Posted by MJMcD0ugall January 14, 2021 at 13:12

    Of course there should be understandable goals to promote cage. These need to be monitored and the pprogress of change shared. This communication must be developed and be a regular feature, easily fond say on CEC web site. That is fine for those keen enough to go looking. Much harder is communicating the changes, goals and successes to all the people who are not really bothered. Get the Evening News on board ? Even a regular item on BBC reporting Scotland on TV ?
  • Posted by Mmunro49 January 15, 2021 at 09:05

    You are so right. Understanding comes from engaging, forgetting, prompting memory etc etc till there is real take up of ideas. Plus along the way people pass on information they have learned. It makes sense to have a well designed platform that people are actively using to spread the good news and check progress.

    This site so far has been a bit disappointing in this respect. Something like the Evening News or Community paper that’s widely read is perfect!
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