Solar Power for Shared Roofs & Park & Ride

Houses with shared roofs, such as all the 4 in a block flats in Sighthill, Parkhead, Carrick Knowe and Colinto Mains could be offered some sort of off-the shelf legal agreement to make installing solar panels easier and which allowed a fair sharing of the benefits.

Alternatively a local community energy company could be set up to solarise as many roofs as possible in these areas, funded by a share offer with the benefits shared across the community. 

In addition, Edinburgh should be copying projects in Cambridgeshire and Nottingham to install solar car ports across the park and ride schemes around the City.

Why the contribution is important

We need to make sure that the benefits of the renewable energy revolution are shared as widely as possible. At the moment it seems that wealthier residents are able to benefit from feed-in tariffs, grants for electric vehicles,  even free electricity to charge up these vehicles, time-of-use tariffs which can be used in conjunction with heat pumps and heat batteries and EVs. Most of these innovations are not available to lower income households.

My vision would be for, for example, a Parkhead Community Energy Company, which could do whatever is necessary to bring virtually all households up to a very high standard. This could include locating landlords, working on legal arrangements for solar panel installations, making sure all households have cavity wall insulation which is not causing dampness; giving out free LED light bulbs; working on plans to insulate rooms in the loft of some houses; installing heat pumps and heat batteries. Installing solar car ports and EV chargers where land is available (such as in Parkhead View).  


by Peteroche on August 27, 2020 at 01:30PM

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