A fully integrated and connected network of safe, segregated cycle lanes

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The current patchwork of painted cycle lanes and the odd - highly unusual - segregated cycle lane is the biggest barrier to cycling in Edinburgh. Cycling on shared roadspace with vehicles can kill or seriously injure. It is by far the main reason why large numbers of women and children do not cycle on roads. The odd segregated lane for about 1\4 mile is not going to work. The Council needs to get a map out and put it on the table - literally and metaphorically. They then need to map a fully integrated and connected network of safe, segregated cycle lanes. The Council then needs to get on with implementing the network. All main roads should be considered. On street parking on major arterial routes has to end in order to create the space for safe, segregated cycle lanes. Whenever there is resurfacing work on a road which is wide enough to create a segregated cycle lane, it should be a requirement that a segregated lane is inserted as part of that work. By a segregated lane I mean a physical barrier - in the form of a grass verge, a continuous kerb or a line of 'noodles'. 

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Because the main reason why people don't cycle in Edinburgh is because when they cycle on shared road space with cars they feel unsafe and they are unsafe. 

by cflunkert on July 30, 2020 at 08:54AM

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