Ban Parking on Cycle Lanes and Segregate Existing Cycle Lanes Using Wands

I live in the South of Edinburgh. Occasionally there will be the odd stretch of cycle lane (painted not segregated) but the problem is cars are always parked over the cycle lane. On one particular road, Oxgangs Road, there are cycle lanes on both sides of the road but almost always there are several cars parked over it. Considering every house on Oxgangs Road has a driveway, this is inexcusable. What happens is whilst you're cycling along in the cycle lane, a car will be parked over the cycle lane. Then you've got to look over your shoulder and wait units there are no vehicles near so you can cycle around the car parked over the cycle lane. My solution to this is banning parking over cycle lanes with a £100 fine (£50 if paid within 14 days) if drivers are caught parking over cycle lanes. I also think all existing painted cycle lanes in Edinburgh should become segregated using wands. Segregating cycle lanes using wands will not only deter drivers parking over cycle lanes in fear of damaging their vehicle, but will also provide cyclists with enhanced protection. 

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Schools are starting back again. Oxgangs Road connects people who live in Fairmilehead to Firrhill High School, Braidburn School and Oxgangs Primary. Without the implementation of better cycling infrastructure, people (particularly inexperienced children) will be deterred from cycling. If cases rise over the next few weeks (which we all hope will not happen) and pupils return to schools (social distancing or not social distancing) it will be VITAL to encourage pupils not to travel on public transport. Whilst some will be in the fortunate position to be able to be driven, whilst others will be within a close walking distance, some pupils may be 1hr+ walk away from their school. However, an 1hr walk away is about the same as a 20-25 minute cycle. This is why we must make implement more cycling infrastructure to ensure cycling for pupils is an appealing option. 

by finlay1 on July 29, 2020 at 03:43PM

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  • Posted by jconnollybond August 03, 2020 at 15:56

    Lauriston Pl is an incredibly dangerous road to cycle on due to this, particularly at school drop off & pick up time. Everyone is rushing to drop their kids off at George Heriot's, cars will pull into the cycle lane, park and then pull out with no consideration to cyclists. I have witnessed several altercations and near misses here between cars and cyclists because of it.
  • Posted by dsabentley September 04, 2020 at 12:17

    Really need to get rid of parked cars on cycle lanes. Apart for the very important safety issue the space is public and does not belong to local residents. Public space and therefore money should not be used to subsidise people's personal parking.
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