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Keep traffic separate from bikes using magic wands and other barriers.  A bike lane that doesn't have physical barriers doesn't feel safe.

Also - although it is great to have a network of paths, getting to the path can be treacherous.  You could think about the main roads people are forced to go on just to get to a path.  Arteries running in and out of town would be great as well.

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Here is my story.

I live just off lochend road and was commuting by bike to north st David street.  The fastest route takes me along elm row and on to York place.  Sometimes I'd vary that and go viaWaterloo  place (to avoid elm row).  The safest route is to cycle to the shore and join the bike path along the river.  It takes 10 min longer and I'm faced with a steep roads on cobbles though to finish the journey.  

I had an accident one year heading home on York place when a car in front stopped suddenly.  (Arguably I shouldn't have been cycling so close to him I guess).  My knee got twisted and I was shocked, but otherwise lucky.  Another year a private hire taxi suddenly did a u turn from parking, near the bottom of Waterloo Place which I was cycling down, hitting me and sending me flying.  I'm still pretty fearful now on the bike and will only go via the bike path.  But getting to the bike path involves negotiating heavy traffic down lochend road and down in leith.

I really enjoyed lockdown when the traffic disappeared.  I had great fun cycling around Arthur's seat with my children, or going out to cramond.  But I am reluctant now to take them out, now that traffic is back.  

It is great that you are putting in better cycling infrastructure.  I'd like my children to feel free to cycle not fear.  But just cycling on lochend road with them to get to a path isn't an option now, I feel.

by Andycoooke on August 01, 2020 at 09:51AM

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