Dad of kids at primary seeks safer roads

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I would dearly like to take my kids to school by bicycle. But. We have to cross a formidably car drenched road (St John’s Rd) and realistically my kids aren't up to cycling with traffic little speed policed thru the rat runs the congestion on SJR creates on unfiltered side streets.

so two things I wish to see.

segregated 2-way cycle lane along the length of the A8 from Maybury Road to Haymarket. 
filtered permeability on all side streets to SJR and Glasgow Road to prevent dangerous rat runs and potentially reduce capacity for motorists via that route. 
we know more capacity for drivers leads to more congestion and traffic volume, can we now, finally test the reverse. Making less provision for motorists to reduce congestion and flip priority to active travel and public transport - we hear regular articles describing how this change improves local shopping and reduces congestion and emissions in communities. 

Why the contribution is important

Our city is being smothered by volumes of traffic it was never designed to take. More building in the outskirts of the city is putting further pressure on already struggling 'arterial' infrastructure through a dependency on motor transport and we need a safer more active longer term approach to suppress future vehicle overcapacity.

Visibly segregated safe cycle lanes on direct routes throughout the city would shift public perception from cycling needing to be on unseen, difficult to find QR(quiet routes) to being a properly planned and accepted mode of citywide transport. This is an enormous opportunity we can't afford to miss.

by ChrisTheTaurean on August 06, 2020 at 09:41PM

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