Make cycling accessible to all

Many people can't afford a bike or storage.  Offer them a free bike with free secure storage or a free annual pass for Justeat bikes.

Some elderly people hang onto a car they shouldn't be driving because it keeps their independence: help them  to try out alternative styles of adapted bikes including tricycles.

There are adapted bikes that can give people with compromised mobility far more freedom than current option.   Give them help to try different options and then  big discounts to buy







Free bikes and free storage for those that can't buy one and big discounts for adapted bikes for people who can't ride a 2 wheel bike or have compromised mobility 

Why the contribution is important

It's important we reach a point where cycling is a normal way to get around for everyone  and that no one who wants to cycle is prevented by doing it by financial or physical limitations

by Stellathomson on August 14, 2020 at 08:18PM

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  • Posted by Voiceofreason August 17, 2020 at 13:08

    Why not free cars? People who can't be bothered saving up and prefer spending their money on SKY subscriptions, the latest smartphone and "designer" gym shoes costing a hundred quid for something assembled in a sweatshop for a couple of quid should be given everything they want for free.
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