More double yellow lines

Parked cars force cyclists to pull out into the road and risk close passes by overtaking vehicles. This issue could be tackled with more double yellow lines to prevent parking on key routes where there is a safety issue of close passes. 

For example, Colinton Road at Meggetland up to the roundabout with Polwarth Terrace has parking where the road narrows. If a cyclist is passing these parked cars the amount of space for an overtaking vehicles is very limited, so a close pass is highly likely. If cars were not parked here it would create more space for safe overtaking.

Presumably these cars belong to the older properties that do not have garages or driveways, but is the Council obliged to provide road parking for older properties? 

Why the contribution is important

For safety. Roads with parked cars removed are safer for cyclists to use as it gives space for overtaking vehicles to pass safely

by cyclingscot on August 10, 2020 at 08:35PM

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