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If Braid Road is going to be closed until at least November, which as I understand is the council's position, why don't the City of Edinburgh Council run a campaign encouraging pupils from South Morningside Primary School and Boroughmuir High School to cycle to school? The City of Edinburgh Council could make a promotional video encouraging school pupils to cycle which would then be shown to every primary school and secondary school class, as well as emailed to every parent. The video could mention things like how cycling is the quickest way to get to school, as well as how cycling is fun, safe, and good exercise. 

Why the contribution is important

The biggest concerns I've read related to the closure of Braid Road are pupils arriving late to school in the morning and pupils taking ages to get home. A promotional cycling video could alert parents to just how much time they could save if they and their kids cycled. The City of Edinburgh Council could turn something which is seen as a negative by many people into something which will have a positive lasting impact for years to come.

by finlay1 on August 23, 2020 at 09:13PM

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