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OK so possibly 0.6% of all road usage is cycling, therefore ringfence that proportion of the budget and spend not a farthing more.

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It keeps things in perspective.

by Voiceofreason on August 27, 2020 at 07:36PM

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  • Posted by nickm September 25, 2020 at 08:55

    "During 2018, 41.0% of people in Edinburgh reported that their
    main mode of travel was car or taxi, a decrease of more than 2%
    from 43.3% in 2017. The national average increased from 64.6%
    to 65.7% in the same period.
    Edinburgh reported the lowest percentage of journeys undertaken
    by car or taxi when compared to other Scottish cities at 39.0%.
    In Edinburgh 34.0% of residents reported that walking was their
    main mode of travel, in contrast with the national average of

    "Residents were asked in the Edinburgh People Survey which
    form of transport did they use to get around in the last month.
    Almost three quarters of all those that responded reported
    taking the bus (72%) and 53% travelled by foot."

    from Edinburgh by Numbers leaflet from here:[…]/edinburgh-by-numbers

    "As shown in Figure 13, car is the most popular mode of travel to work. Within the City of Edinburgh, the proportion of people using private car (either driving or as a passenger) to travel to work is much lower at 40% when compared to Glasgow (47%), Dundee (60%) and Aberdeen (58%). While car still accounts for the greatest number of travel to work trips in the City of Edinburgh, active travel and public transport combined account for a greater proportion (48%) of trips and the only part of the ESES region where this is the case. The City of Edinburgh has a higher cycling mode share than other parts of the region, with 4% for the City of Edinburgh compared to 1% elsewhere in the region, and a significantly higher bus mode share of 26% when compared to the rest of the region at 8%."

    from Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) Consultancy Support Services Contract (March 2020)
  • Posted by Voiceofreason September 28, 2020 at 10:24

    How old is the data? With Covid 19 liable to be affecting chosen modes of travel for a long time, one just has to spend 10 minutes on any street to see that buses are even emptier than usual.

    The Scottish "government" has suggested often enough that folk should stay away from public transport, therefore car usage is rising.

    Whoopee, 4% of journeys are by bicycle. Why, therefore is approximately 90% of work focused on pointless congestion generating empty bicycle lanes?
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