Safe road surfaces - no potholes

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I am no longer cycling as I had a minor fall from my bike and broke my radius.  Since tis mishap nearly everyone I have spoken to has mentioned a cylcing accident during lockdown.  I have the impression that cycling accidents as more common than covid-19.  Potholes and lack of maintenance of roads and cycle paths seems to be a major factor.  Cycling is not going to take off for the many, until people feel safe, separated from heavy traffic (which has returned on main routes) and confident in the road surface.

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For cycling to become the norm it has to feel safe for everyone not just for keen cyclists.  Unless it feels safe and really is safe this just won't happen.

by Janet on August 18, 2020 at 04:31PM

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  • Posted by AngeliM August 18, 2020 at 19:17

    The part of the road cyclists use is in the worst condition as it's the area that gets dug up by utilities firms who never repair them properly. Passing cars don't allow enough room for cyclists to steer around potholes. We need a campaign of repair and motorist awareness
  • Posted by finlay1 August 18, 2020 at 23:36

    I cycled 13 miles almost every day during lockdown and I’m still doing quite a lot of cycling now. It goes without saying potholes are a huge problem. Fortunately I’ve never been knocked off my bike by a pothole but I have injured my back on a few occasions after riding through them. The City Of Edinburgh Council have started resurfacing some roads recently but unfortunately they’ve done a rather poor job of resurfacing and on recently resurfaced Oxgangs Road North potholes are already starting to appear.

    A number of new segregated cycle lanes have popped up around the city in the last couple of months and there is to be a new segregated cycle lane implemented on Comiston road in the coming weeks. As great as this is, before we see entirely new segregated cycle lanes implemented I’d like to see 2 things:

    1) All existing painted cycle lanes segregated using wands. This not only provides cyclists with enhanced protection but also deters cars from parking over cycle lanes.

    2) Ban parking over cycle lanes enforceable by a £100 fine reduced to £50 if paid within 2 weeks.
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