Climate Change Education

Hi. I've tried a few online Carbon neutral classes from Salisbury Centre and found them good for beginners.

But if you really want to find out about the future ofClimate change within any caring community then 1 Million Women have wonderful Love Earth Festivals on Zoom from Australia but across the world. Where you can learn about what people are actually doing to help climate change. They have guest speakers like Christiana Figueres, 

Will you join our virtual LoveEarth Festival?

Be filled with inspiration and optimism by the incredible climate negotiator Christiana Figueres and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, then have your soul nourished with live performances from Missy Higgins and Paul Kelly plus so much more!

Join us on Saturday 5 December or Friday 4 December if you're in the US or UK (more global times below)
All from the comfort of your home in Edinburgh:) 

Why the contribution is important

Everyone needs to understand and believe that it is possible to stand yup to Climate Change. That requires understanding of how technology can help us to do this and the motivation to begin the process of individuals becoming Carbon neutral. 

in order to be inspired we need to look across the world at real life examples of community awareness. From aborigines who use solar grids to power each other's homes for free to political figures who can motivate oil magnates to see a better, cleaner future. The dis needs to be driven by what is happening in the world now. Place no longer restricts our experience as we can use our Zoom connections from anywhere in the world.

by Mmunro49 on November 25, 2020 at 03:16PM

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