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Hi, I'm the outdoor education officer at the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. We are currently developing a new programme/resources on climate change and sustainability in Edinburgh and I am looking to put together a resource pack of links to give to teachers for an upcoming webinar. I think it's really important to give children the facts in a way that doesn't stress them out--given that we are also living through a pandemic--and to inspire them to take actions and make changes in their own and their families' homes. If anyone knows of some good resources, I'd love to hear about them.

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My idea isn't so much of an idea as a request for information, but I do think that it is crucial that children know the facts of climate change. In this way, they won't be susceptible to missinformation and also so that they can be part of positive behaviour change.

by ruthprince on December 21, 2020 at 02:27PM

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  • Posted by Mmunro49 January 12, 2021 at 14:26

    Hi Ruth,

    You are quite right when you say children need to be introduced to climate change as a positive experience. Particularly during this pandemic, we all are needing signs of recovery and hope:)

    Climate Conversations is a website set up to organise a program of study for adults on sympathetic understanding of climate change, how to measure your carbon footprint, how to talk about Climate change anxiety and how to be proactive. It offers a students handbook and a teacher’s guidebook that you can download as a pdf. It’s good but would definitely need some adaptation for children:)

    Written by Rosemary Randall.

    Also, I’ve been listening on bbc Sounds to 39 Ways to Save the Planet. Tom Heap ( Country File) discovering new technology/ inventions that will help our planet overcome Climate change. From way more efficient and smaller solar panels from Oxford PV to robots of the wind. Robots that fly in on drones to our wind farms and fix them remotely (awesome stuff).
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