Green skills training

The green economy is defined as one in which value and growth are maximised across the whole economy, while natural assets are managed sustainably.

This type of  economy would be supported and enabled by a thriving low carbon and environmental goods and services sector. Environmental damage would be reduced, while energy security, resource efficiency and resilience to climate change would all be increased.

A green economy requires a workforce with the right skills, however on the whole businesses are currently not certain about what green skills may be needed in the future. 


    Why the contribution is important

    It would be more helpful for people to have

    • Better awareness and understanding of the green economy
    • Advice and guidance available on careers in a green economy.

    so they can take appropriate action if they so wish

    by Charlotte_CEC on November 23, 2020 at 05:09PM

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    • Posted by Centaur77 November 26, 2020 at 06:26

      Greater clarity, possibly with an example or two, would help make what this would involve clearer. The idea, as expressed, seems rather nebulous.
    • Posted by Mmunro49 January 27, 2021 at 12:24

      I haven’t replied to this comment so far, Charlotte because on first reading I a) did neither appreciate or understand the vocabulary and b). Your comment about businesses being uncertain about what green skills will be required, led me nowhere.

      However, having read about the Billion pound challenge on the Wildlife Trust’s website, I (finally) feel more involved in the vocabulary.

      I agree that a better understanding of the green economy and why it is so necessary is very important.

      Advice and career guidance for people involved in this sector is crucial. Since 2011, the website 80000 hours has given advice to graduates aged 20-35 who want to ambitiously focus on global issues. But on a local scale we need to begin by visualising what that future is.

      Obviously, green businesses are new and investment in them and the complexities of their management are new. My thoughts are that the green businesses themselves are honing their services as we speak and that with innovative and well designed managerial responses to their implementation such as the billion pound investment and the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital that we can really impact.

      Isn’t the real question ‘Who are the drivers of change?’

      Looks like businesses are ready.
      Looks like Investment infrastructure is ready.

      Is education ready?
      Are Local Managers ready?

      Because if we are all ready- then LETS GO!

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