System Change not just Personal Change

We need a broader system change, individuals play a crucial role in tackling waste and climate change, but we face massive challenges as individuals. 

Can the council prioritise supporting healthier greener choices in all of its premises. Make the meat option the sad bake potato at the end of the line. and encourage and support local sustainable food shops. 

Also increase community farming and growing to cut down on food miles. 


Why the contribution is important

Today our food is covered in plastic and is flown in from the other side of the word, there is very few options to buy food not wrapped in plastic from locally sourced places.

Not to mention in Schools vegetarian and vegan options are seen as an afterthought. How can we expect young people to want to eat less meat if the veggie option at school is a grim bake potato at the end of the lunch line.
These meals are also contained in single use plastic that get's thrown down as litter.  

We have to make sure that we don't put these challenges on individuals to tackle a lone, we shouldn't punish ourselves for not being sustainable and having a large carbon footprint. It was Shell an international fossil fuel corporation that popularised the personal carbon footprint. They want us to blame ourselves not the overall system that makes it almost impossible to live our lives in modern society without producing large amounts of CO2. 

The council has to work with people to find more sustainable options and bring them to the front for easy access no matter who you are.

by sandyboyd on August 23, 2020 at 04:10PM

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