Don't Buy a Car!

This is counter to the idea: "Buy a car build in Britain". If you live in a city, you shouldn't need a car. And in any case, the few cars that are build in Britain have a supply chain from all over Europe and beyond so the localism arguement fails! However, doing without your personal car can be tough at the moment as the alternatives are not great. We really need to focus on improving alternatives e.g. passenger trains on the Southern Rail Loop, and sharing of cars, bikes scooters within 2 minutes walk of your house / work (as in many European cities such as Copenhagen). 

Why the contribution is important

This is important because there are too many cars in our city. Mostly they just sit there for 90% of the time (or whatever that percentage is!). Space in our city streets is too valuable to be waisted in this way! Furthermore, sharing can be mean you have greater choice e.g. different car sizes, vans, bikes scooters, mostly within a short walk. This is the future for cities and we need to persuade people out of buying cars just for themselves! It already works in many European cities and it can work in Edinburgh too.

by RichardWright on November 16, 2020 at 12:31PM

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