Get the train to go there and fly back

This is kind of a compromise - it means the carbon emissions are halved and the adventure is increased - you get to see the landscape unfolding and appreciate the countryside and wilderness of the country you're visiting.  But then on the way back you can just get on a plane and you're there in a few hours.  I did this to visit Andalucia and took a long novel with me.  

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Because transport is the biggest source of emissions in Scotland, and in most other countries it's surpassed only be energy.  Flights emit a lot of carbon but they're also cheaper and faster than trains and ferries, and electric aircraft are a long way off (the batteries are too heavy!), so until they tax jet fuel this is the best way of cutting travel emissions I can think of. 

by CaroMarrow on September 23, 2020 at 07:34PM

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    Unfortunately not everybody has the time to take the train and some people simply can't afford the price of train tickets. A great way to travel guilt-free on airplanes is to carbon offset your flights. To Carbon Offset an economy flight from Edinburgh to Barcelona costs just £3.06 per person.
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