Even if we reach our net-zero target tomorrow, we will still be impacted by climate change over the coming years, from the emissions which have already been released into the atmosphere. 

It is expected that in Edinburgh, this will result in extremes in weather – the summers will become hotter and drier and the winters wetter and milder. 

Edinburgh has begun taking steps to get ready for these unavoidable changes to reduce the impact that they will have on the city. Drainage and flood defences have been improved, the city’s coastline has been made more resilient to erosion and the number of greenspaces which could be home to plants and wildlife in the city is increasing. 

We can all take simple steps to make sure we are ready for the changes brought about by climate change. 

Keeping valuables and precious documents on higher ground, making sure you have insurance cover for your property and contents and avoid tarmac or paving over your garden to encourage better drainage are steps you could take to flood proof your property. 

Installing blinds at windows or creating shade areas in your garden to sit and cool off can help prepare against heat whilst taking shorter showers, installing water butts or reusing bath water can all help conserve water.

We would like to know how you think Edinburgh will be affected by climate change over the coming months and years? And what have you been doing to prepare for these changes?

  • Have you started to notice the impacts of climate change in Edinburgh?
  • Have you made changes to your property to help proof it from future flooding or make it cooler in the heat? 
  • Do you know of local projects which could inspire others to plan for the changes ahead?

Share your tips and learn from others as to how we can get ready for climate change. 

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