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he aim of this website is to get people thinking about Scotland becoming climate ready. What would we do? What would it look like?

The ideas are generated from people working on adaptation across Scotland and in many different sectors.

They were asked to imagine ‘Scottish’ places adapting to climate change and what they would look like.

Six typical Scottish places were then created – Uplands, Lowlands, Coast, Infrastructure, Suburbs and City, and show possible adaptation.




Why the contribution is important

Could help you image some of the changes which would need to happen and how you can help:

by Charlotte_CEC on January 25, 2021 at 10:28AM

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  • Posted by Mmunro49 January 27, 2021 at 11:29

    With reference to the above website:

    The Billion pound challenge
      (pdf form found on the Wildlife Trust’s Website) is an amazingly ambitious roadmap to finding the investment that green businesses need to drive the wonderful sustainable projects forward.

    Love the descriptions of the 9 pillars, concepts and developed plans to rewild, increase biodiversity and bio security. whilst building strong community and business ventures.

    There is at the very least here, a REAL understanding of the complexity of different investments paired with different services required for even one conservation improvement. Plus that each improvement needs to be rolled out across Scotland and that means communication between authorities:)

    There are many businesses desperate to move into the Green, clean space.

    Take the Dearman engine. Many of our transported refrigeration units are powered by diesel. They sit in our local supermarkets churning away. Dearman invented a freezer powered by liquid nitrogen when he was 18. Now, aged 70, in a world desperate for an end to fossil fuels his nitrogen powered freezers have been taken up by one supermarket in the UK and the likelihood of us all knowing his name in the next 10 years is very high ( think Dyson).

    Businesses like this are in DESPERATE NEED OF INVESTMENT. Well done SEPA and the WILDLIFE TRUST for their roadmap to investment!!!

    You are so right ECC. These are the practices that could bring about sustainable change for all of us:)

    Initiatives such as these could seriously take Scotland massively towards proactively ensuring that we reverse the impact of our past and build a healthy, sustainable future for us all.

    Dearman finally had his freezer technology trialled in the Netherlands. Imagine how many businesses with world changing ambitions like these could be tapped into!

    Scotland could take the lead in the synthesis of ideas and investment allowing them to flourish and prove themselves to not just there own citizens but the rest of the world:)

    This is way beyond better than anything I have read on here so far:)

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