Parks and green spaces are vital in helping to address the loss of plants and wildlife in our cities and play an important role in tackling the climate climate emergency.

They help to slow down the effects of flooding, provide a nautural way of controlling tempreatures and are home to a host of animals and plants. 

Covid-19 has also highlighted the value of our parks and greenspaces in Edinburgh. As well as a place for daily exercise during lockdown, they have provided many people with a calm space away in which they could reconnect with the world around them.



City of Edinburgh Council Biodiversity Officer Susan Falkner and biodiversity student Ben Murphy share ways in which they connect with nature in Edinburgh as part of our Edinburgh Talks Climate series. 

And we would like to know how you feel parks and greenspaces could lead the way to achieve a more sustainable future. 

  • How can Edinburgh's parks and green spaces be used to tackle the climate emergency?
  • How has covid-19 changed the way you use parks and greenspaces in the city?  
  • What would encourage you to use your parks and greenspaces more?
  • How can we make our parks and greenspaces more sustainable and environmentally friendly?


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