More Recycling Bins Please!


Its not difficult or complicated- theres far too few recycling bins in Edinburgh parks, eg Inverleith.(and eg Princes Street etc but thats a separate matter). Given this initiative is partially about the climate/environmental, surely significantly reducing the amount of waste going into normal bins (or the grass or bushes!) is a relatively low cost no-brainer.

Taking Inverleith as an example- there are some bottle banks outside the allotments (but on the main road). These are too far away from most people.  There should be more, and also paper ones.

Rather than being an eyesore, I am sure more asthetically pleasing than just 'standard bins on wheels' could be chosen (like the round one in Princes St Gardens).

Why the contribution is important

This initiative could be a really important step forward to:

1. Increase recycling and hence more environmentally friendly

2. Reduce litter

3. Reduce risk of dogs/small children swallowing beer bottle tops etc.

More bins overall, but more specifically, more recycling ones encourgaes people that wee bit more to use them.

I hope you agree.


by CECmaxweld on July 28, 2020 at 09:43AM

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  • Posted by ryanb July 31, 2020 at 08:50

    Recently I was out walking in the Pentlands and had this exact thought. It was easy for me to put my rubbish back in my small bag until we reached a more urban area, however unfortunately it's harder for some to do... :( More central parks suffer from this issue as well as you said. I believe and hope, the more recycling/bins people can access, the less litter will be dropped.

    Perhaps the money we save from an initiative like this could be put towards cleaning areas where we cannot install bins, i.e. Water of Leith, Union Canal, and so on.
  • Posted by DianeCassidy August 05, 2020 at 14:57

    what other ideas do people have for encouraging people to dispose of their litter properly?
  • Posted by Voiceofreason August 17, 2020 at 13:25

    Why not simply use the existing legislation to police our open spaces to ensure that littering does not take place. With sites such as Inverleith, the culprits are readily identifiable (the schoolkids lunchtime pizza&chips run) and enforcement should be relatively simple - as well as profitable. I cannot actually recall seeing a litter warden out and about in years - if they do nothing then outsource the function.
  • Posted by RuthN September 23, 2020 at 15:24

    I don't know what the solution is here but when there are no litter bins, littering can be really bad. There are no litter bins on my regular walk on the cycle track between Gilmerton and Danderhall. The worst sort of litter here are the dog-pooh bags which tend to get chucked into the bushes so you don't immediately notice them. Could recycling litter and dog-pooh bins and the cost of emptying and maintaining them be something that businesses sponsor for a year ('X sponsors me' with good visuals) or used for advertising like bus stop shelters? I sometimes pick up litter (not the dog-pooh bags) and have wondered if there is a way of making this easier for the public to do, e.g. by having recycled collection bags with each litter bin or some sort of incentive 'let us know if you've picked up litter in the park and you'll be entered into our prize draw'. What do other countries/cities do?
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