plant micro forests

To increase biodiversity: microforests need a tiny area, the size of a tennis court or 4 car parking spaces. 

planted densely with native species they grow fast and have a quick impact.  We have plenty of space throughout the city where this could work.

Why the contribution is important

Micro forests are said to grow 10 times faster and have 100 times the biodiversity of conventional forests. They could provide ecological corridors as well as valuable screening from noise if planted near roads. Communities could become involved in planting, looking after the saplings, preventing damage. Great projects near schools or in areas of the city that have dense housing. We urgently need them to help us meet climate goals, as well as the plan to have 30% of the planet in a natural state by 2030. 

by AngeliM on August 18, 2020 at 07:06PM

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  • Posted by Tootes September 23, 2020 at 21:18

    Fantastic idea to encourage the planting of more trees within the city. After decades of cutting down and destroying the green lungs of our city, Edinburgh City Council should be planting trees, encouraging local groups to apply for grants, through the Woodland Trust and other groups, and ensuring that all new planning applications have x10 the amount of trees that we see on current developments, not allowing the felling of established trees for any new developments and ridged enforcement of these planning restrictions.
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