We want to know what most concerns young people in Edinburgh about climate change and what changes they think need to happen so that the city can become greener and more sustainable.

We talked to some of the young people attending the Edinburgh Youth Summit in February 2020 to find out what they feel the key issues are around climate change.  We also discovered why they felt it was important to be included in work and discussions aimed at creating a better, fairer and more sustainable city.

You can view our findings from the event here.

Young people tell us what they are most concerned about regarding climate change in Edinburgh



Young people at the Youth Summit explain why they think it's important to work with young people to tackle the climate crisis.



Young people tell us what they want to see happen now.


Edinburgh secondary school pupil MackenzieMolloy made a short film for us about why it was important for action to be taken on the climate crisis.

Do you agree with the points raised in the films above?  Do you have ideas that might make a difference?

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