Doughnut Economics

Doughnut Economics is a economic theory which aims to bring us into the safe zone between human deprivation and ecological deprivation.

It has been supported by David Attenborough, the president of Ireland, the woman's equality Party, its being looked at in Cambridge, Berlin, Brussels and I believe Amsterdam. It is also reffered to at top UN summits. 


It is a new economic model and way of thinking that not only helps people but also the environment. 

It is scalable to any situation and is currently being taken on by cities all over the world! 

The link to their website is here

I would explain it but I am only 16 so don't stand a chance but I hope my references to its supporters means that Edinburgh Council will give it a thought. If Edinburgh Council is already looking at this, that would be brilliant!

Why the contribution is important

Our current economic system is clearly not fit for purpose otherwise we wouldn't be in this situation would we. 

This to me seems like a very reasonable and tangible solution that isn't communism and isn't quite capatalism.

 It's long list of supporters makes me believe that this is the one to go with and I really hope that It becomes an economic theory that helps Edinburgh thrive. 

by sandyboyd on November 19, 2020 at 12:23AM

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