Facts. Not Fads. Education

It's so popular to be against climate change. It shows the world you care. Or fear. They are essentially good people that hate Donald trump. That shows they must know as I what or how to make a difference besides recycling. If you show a chid what and allow them to ask any questions to help them process the info. Education is the key not a 6 months initiative to get you noticed when applying to whatever. Consistentsy from a early age. Allowing them to take responsibility and care about their actions.  Showing them up close and personal what has already deteriorated like a piece of coral from the days of jack Kusto  to a piece of coral collected by his grandson. Having people's real life experiences and truths which children are never or seldom privy to.  Instilling some type of practises from as young as 2/3. Can't harm

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Because I'm a person with a opinion and knowable about said subject. 

by LyttleJo84 on January 06, 2021 at 12:54PM

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