Underground Rubbish Storage Throughout the City!

Pupils from a first year class at The Royal High School, Edinburgh have been examining the effects that we have on the environment around us through an Environmental Ethics unit in RMPS. They have been particularly shocked by the plastic pollution and litter that effects out coastlines, cities and beautiful countryside here, in Scotland. Here is their proposition for decreasing the amount of litter on our streets in Edinburgh...

We have done our research and found that places such as Ibiza and Cambridge use underground bins that are much more efficient in collecting more rubbish at a time. We also have some underground rubbish storage here in Edinburgh, however we think we need more of them! These can also be installed in lots of different areas of the city, including near more residential areas where there are often bins that are too full or things are dumped on the streets. 

Why the contribution is important

This idea means bin lorries will have to collect rubbish less frequently and they just need to collect rubbish monthly instead. This saves on CO2 emissions in the city as there is less traffic, which is an issue in the city already.

It also saves space on the streets around Edinburgh as it is a more compact way to store rubbish, instead of just dumping it around so that is spreads. Bins will not overflow and the litter is less likely to be blown out and blown around our Edinburgh streets. 

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by Miss_DowneyRMPS on October 15, 2020 at 12:06PM

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